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Quality & Safety
Quality and Food Safety are very important for Longwarry Food Park’s reputation as a supplier of food products. Longwarry Food Park works closely with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS), Dairy Food Safety Victoria and other relevant regulatory bodies to ensure we comply to the highest standards.

Longwarry Food Park has its own Farm Care Manual that has been approved by Dairy Food Safety Victoria – the local regulatory body. Dairy farms supplying milk to Longwarry Food Park are continuously audited by approved inspectors on adherence to this manual. This helps ensure that the raw milk coming into our factory meets our quality requirements. Our Milk Pricing structure also rewards farmers based on milk quality and motivates others to achieve the highest standard.

The Milk Processing Plant has its own HACCP manual and our operation is regularly monitored by the Dairy Food Safety and AQIS inspectors.

The plant is operated by a team of highly skilled team with long experience Food Plants. The plant operators are trained to do in-line testing during the operation of the plant. The tests are carried out at the start of the process, in-between the process and on the finished product. This ensures that the final product sent to our customers is of a high standard.

Raw Milk testing and finished products specifications are independently verified using Dairy Technical Services, the Australian Dairy Industry Reference Laboratory located in Melbourne.